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I would not start right into doing snatches, and certainly not Olympic snatches right off, power snatches maybe, but even then your form has to be tight or you'll cheat and arm muscle the bar up, and will have pretty much wasted your time because you will hit a wall and not be able to progress past a certain strength point because your technique sucks. So, then you'd have to start all over again with proper form anyway, so better to start off right to begin with.

I'd start by breaking down the motions and getting good with the form on each of those, then work towards putting it all together. Do Snatch deadlifts and Snatch push presses to get used to the sort of weird wide grip. Then do snatch pulls and OH squats too, then when you're ready, start putting it all together.

If OH squats are too hard and are the only thing holding you back, work on flexibilty until you can do them, and progress to doing Power Snatches instead, while you're working on flexibility. That's what I did and it took me about 6 months to get to where I could begin doing snatches for real.

Then again, I was focussing on powerlifting and doing the o-lifts really for warmup and for fun. If you're young and reasonably flexible (which sadly I am not), shouldn't take you that long to get ready to start.

Same with cleans by the way. If you cut corners and don't do them properly, like catching the bar instead of racking it on your shoulders or pulling it with your arms instead of shrugging it up, etc., you will only progress to a certain point and worse you are risking injury.

Start with High Pulls and Jump shrugs, then put it all together.

As for working them into a power routine. I think it's easy. They are technical and require speed and explosion, so do them first as even with just the bar, they are a great warmup! And when you get stronger, they are still a great way to get all the fast twitch muscles firing before doing the "slow" lifts.

Depending on how you do your routines, I'd do cleans on squat and bench type days, then do snatches on deadlift and OH type days.

Just my .02 Hope it helps! (I know, I'm a rambler!)
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