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Originally Posted by Pull14 View Post
The IWF standard is indeed 450mm for all bumpers 10kg and above. All comp and legitimate training bumpers will also conform to this. In regards to techniques, I haven't seen a lot of them, but are for the most part in the 440-450mm range. 430 is a bit small and not "full size."

5kg, are you looking at purchasing or just wondering?
I'm just trying to make sure that if I lift in 2 separate places (the gym and at home) that the barbell is the exact same height from the floor in both instances so that I don't need to keep altering technique slightly each session.

I can either have a neighbour make me 2 wooden discs, or get 2 blocks to set each end of the barbell (inside the plates) that get the barbell raised to the correct height.

I'll have to use the wooden spacers at the gym because they have small plates with only the 25kg ones being of any decent size, and oddly they have no 15kg plates but with the barbell being 20kg, the collars possibly 5kg (for the 2), the wooden plates 5kg (? possibly for the 2 MDF), that's 30kg without even adding a plate, so 2 x 25kg plates would take me around 5kg over my max lift, I'm left having to use the smaller plates there and, I'd really like all my home lifts to be from the same height...unfortunately all my plates vary in size depending on weight and the largest is still nowhere near the right size.
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