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Skyler is off to a bad start

Pre Workout: 2 scoops Jack3d

Peri Workout (After plyo, before deads): 10g whey/15g gatorade

-Weighted Box Squat Jumps: +10lbs x 5 x 4
-Depth Jumps (~17" box): 4 x 4

-Trap Bar Deadlift: 409 x 5, 364 x 6

-Weighted Dip: +46 x 8 x 2

-Reverse Curl: 68 x 8 x 2

-BDS Forearm(Freedom Trainer): 115x 10 x 2

-Ivanko Gripper: 153lbs x :30/arm

-Neck Work (harness on freedom trainer):
-Rotation: 50lbs x 15/side
-Lateral Flexion: 50lbs x 15/side

Post workout: 30g whey/10g creatine/25g carbs

Playing around with the neck harness was a blast. Deadlift went up like a dream. Am smacking ~31" off a depth jump, nearing the 34" ceiling height at my studio. Should hit 36"+ come summertime. Bueno!
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