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gtrain is off to a bad start

Originally Posted by Fazc View Post
Well, I lived in Namyang and taught English for about a year in Hwaseong City. I travelled around for 6 months or so after that in S.Korea, Japan and China.

I never went as south as Daegu, I travelled around Daejoen and mostly the northern parts of S.Korea before moving on.

Have you learned to love Kimchee yet?
Awesome. I am teaching English as well. I actually like the kimchi. I hear it is very, very good for you as well. That will go good with lifting.

Originally Posted by bruteforce View Post
I've been on the routine for a couple weeks now. I'm currently cutting, but progression is going at a good pace and the lifts flow very well together. I just switched from a 4 day routine (5/3/1) and much prefer the feel of the new one.

By the end of week two, I've hit rep records on chins and dips - not an easy thing to do at 250#s. My bench feels more solid, my squats are doing better with the increased frequency, and the power cleans are on the fast track to big weights.

The best part of the routine IMO is the frequency that important lifts get hit. Heavy deadlifts for than once a week will burn you out quickly, the extra squatting is good practice, and the rotation on bench/OHP will help keep your shoulders strong and healthy while giving you a very respectable bench press.

Final note, if my progression is going well on a cut, I can't wait to see how well it goes once I start to bulk again. Full bodies and bulks were meant for each other.
Good points. I guess hitting major lifts like that more than once a week, if that for some, will really help out. What kinds of sets/reps should I be doing? 4x8, 3x10, 5x5?
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