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powerlifter62 is off to a bad start

Originally Posted by Soldier View Post
I saw this one the other day. I'm not necesarily opposed to kids training fairly heavy, but her form is HORRIBLE. There are other videos of kids doing squats and their knees ALWAYS come together as they push back up.

She needs a real coach asap, because if she keeps going this way she's going to have major problems very soon.
I've been lifting for over 30 years, and as her father, her health and safety come first to me, so I am her "real" coach.

Yes you are right that kids often bring their knees together. We (my wife and I) taught her to overcome that tendency. Doing that is a bad thing, not a good thing.

In criticizing her form, keep 2 things in mind. First, she is doing powerlifting style squats (obviously) which have the bar lower on the back, and thereby bending somewhat forward, than would be true with more conventional types of squats. Actually, by powerlifting standards, her form is decent. Second, form does tend to degrade at higher weights. The third one broke a world record, for the weight class, not just for her age. Certainly, by any reasonable standards, that qualifies as a high weight.
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