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She's lighter than me and squats more than me

I agree her form needs sorting, though on heavier lifts form tends to suffer, so we really needed a lighter lift to be able to compare form in relation as to whether her form is always as seen in the vid.

Not really sure where I stand on the younger people not lifting heavy, it's said to be detrimental to growth plates (?) and such but there are no studies to show one way or the other, since that sort of study would require children to be followed through a program for years and then the resultant data to be studied, and I don't believe that such a study exists. There is also the question of how much children and youngsters lifted yesteryear, in the days when children started farm work and manual labour jobs, officially, at the age of 12 and below (in the 1920's, as hubby's father did); did they suffer any ill effects from such work? Nobody can say for sure. It can be surmised that there may be detrimental effects but nothing solid data wise, to my knowlegde.
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