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Default Strength Then Size

Wassup guys

after some GREAT guys gave me some amazing advice on my other thread I decided to start a training log.

I will post this soon, but for now here is my info and long term plan:

Age - 23
Weight - 148
Height - 5'5
Lifts - Will add soon.

I will start with Iron Addicts Simple Power Based Routine. Once I milk it for what its worth I will do an Upper/Lower split to detail my mass. I will do the Simple power based routine to get up my big lifts bench/squat and deadlift/ then the upper/lower for hypertrophy. Iron Addicts plan can be found on the net, my upper lower split will be as follows:

Lower - Mon
Squat 3x6
Leg Extensions - 3x10
Leg Curls -3x10
Calf Raises 3x15

Upper -Tues
Bench 4x6
Bent Over Row - 3x6-8
Incline Bench - 3x10
bicep curls - 2x12
skull crushers - 2x12

Lower -Thurs
Deadlifts 3x6
Leg Extensions 3x10
Leg Curls 3x10
Calf Raises 3x15
Shrugs 4x8

Upper - Fri
Bench 4x6
Chins (weighted) - 3xfailure
Millitary Press - 3x10
bicep curls 2x10
tricep pushdowns 2x10

Please let me know if you guys think my long term plan is good, and please critue my future upper and lower split for once my strength base is up!
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