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Appreciate the responses and different perspectives Tannhauser and Carl.

Originally Posted by GT-R View Post
I was going to say this in the other thread, but decided I didn't feel like discussing it. However, this thread has prompted me to share my opinions on 9/11...

The saddest thing about 9/11 to me is that it took such an unfortunate disaster to bring the people together, and get them to care about each other. Day after day, I see people grow more and more self-involved. They don't care who they step on that day; if only to get ahead.

Personally, it frustrates me to an unbelievable state when I actually sit down and think about it. The complete disregard for the fellow man, let alone countryman is almost enough to bring me to tears; a man who hardly cried at his own father's funeral.

Its a shame that it takes catastrophic devastations to bring us together and understand the value in life. And its a bigger shame that once the dust settles, we're back to our cut-throat ways...
I can see where your coming from, but respectfully disagree. It is moments such as 9/11 and other devastating event where its easier to run, lie, cheat and steal. The fact that the people came together and helped one another during such a horrible event shows the true nature of the people. At the time when people were getting injured,killed and simply facing beyond frightening events, individuals did not run over one another for a safer position but rather stepped aside to lend a hand. In the immediate aftermath most remained hand-in-hand, united until the work they had to offer had been completed.

In non-threatening times (at least in the homeland) we did appear to lose some of our unity to trival things. But thats just it... most of these matters are unimportant in the scheme of things. When shit hits the fan, I believe, as we saw on 9/11, the people will let forget the BS and selfishness in favor of going the right thing, the good thing. This to me is what is important.

When the time calls for it, we as a people quickly put aside our differences. Its a trait that has always been there, under a deceivingly thin surface.

Yes there are extreme cases of carelessness and selfishness. This is inevitable with any group of people no matter how large or small. But it also doesn't represent the whole of the country.

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