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Ok, the new plan is in place! The focus will be on muscular endurance, with rest periods minimized to also keep the heart rate up for fat loss and cardiovascular endurance. I'll be using an upper/lower split 4 days a week while still allowing time for PT.

Monday- rest

Tuesday- PT (full body workout lasting over 1.5 hours, usually VERY tough with lots of stuff to failure.)

Wednesday- rest

Thursday- Lower body
5:00 jog for warm up
Squats- 135lb done non-stop for time, starting at 3:00, adding :20 each session.
leg extensions- 2x15-20
leg curls- 2x15-20
calf press- 5x10-15

Friday- Upper body 1.
155lb. bench press/bodyweight row super set starting at 8 reps, ramping up to 14, then back down to 8 for a total of 140 reps each.

Saturday- Repeat lower body.

Sunday- Upper body 2.
dip/chin up superset starting at 4 reps, ramping up to 11, then back down to 4 for a total of 109 reps each.

I'm realizing that it's very tough to combine high volume with simplicity. When you do just a few moves a bunch of times throughout the week, you get tired in very specific ways that can make you burn out. This plan has a little more variety to it and doesn't nail my lower back like the old plan did. I'll stick to this, then add in things like power cleans when I back on the volume later on.

I got some fish oil to add to my supplements, and fiber powder to start adding to my shakes. Last night a had a shake with heavy cream, eggs, protein powder, creatine, and 8 grams of fiber. Around 500 calories, and a quick 30+ grams each of fat and protein. It was pretty good, but all the creaminess just isn't the same without the sweetness to go along with it.

I'll live though.

bodyweight- 211.2

Bodyweight is up today. I'm sure that the original loss that comes with getting rid of the carbs is over, and hopefully things will even out around 209 this week, then I can slowly move calories down to get the fat coming off.

I've had trouble getting to sleep at night, but I've been so quick to get up in the mornings it hasn't mattered! As soon as that alarm goes off I'm up and ready to go. I've always been ok with mornings, but this diet has made me even better about it. I wouldn't want to sleep past 8 even if I could.

I started taking Erase today as part of my PCT. My test has already been elevated, so I'm interested to see how this will affect me. I've been much quicker to get angry the past week than in the past, and still find my aggression to be elevated. I've even been a little short with my wife, which is completely new. It's not enough to worry though. Who'd have thought I'd have roid rage issues just on elevated natural hormone levels?! Gym sessions are intense, with the only issue being my lower back aches, and I blame that completely on poor foresight on my part when planning this program.

I'm excited about keeping the intensity going with this new plan and hopefully seeing some good results.

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