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Living in the UK I was not as directly affected as this by many of you I am sure, but something changed in me that day...

I was in the Barbers having a hair cut when I heard on the radio that there had been a terrible accident and a plane had somehow hit one of the towers. As I finished my hair cut I went out on to the town centre (normally a busy place) and it was all but deserted, except for the electrical stores. I wandered over to see what was happoenng only to watch the second tower get hit live on CNN.

At this point I realised that the first (or second) plane were not accidents, but acts of pure cowardness and that is when something changed.

I went home and literally spent the rest of the day, and night, watching the live streaming on the news, several time being moved to tears, both of sadness and dispair, but alos of anger and a feeling of hoplessness, that there was NOTHING I could do.

Pictures of people jumping from the tower, rather taking their chances of falling a thousand feet, than being burnt alive still haunt me now. The complete heroism of the people that went to help, the visuals of ordinary New Yorkers making make shift stretchers to help carry tho wounded (which unfortunaltely there wasnt any as most just perished in the towers), and the sickening video of a middle eastern street party celebrating it, all still live withme now 10 years on.

At the time I was 26, as selfish as they come, with little or no responsibility, I cheated on my ex, stayed out drinking ALL THE TIME and had little repect for anyone, incluing myself. Like I say, something changed around that time, call it coincidence, i dont know. But within the year. I had me my now wife (who had two beautiful babies), had become a father, bought a home and had grown up.

I feel sick to the core imagining the hurt and anger that not just the people directly affected, but the whole of America must have felt. I went to the States for a HOliday in 2003 and the sense of nervousness in the airports, the overwhelming security and the almost tangible feel of paranoia in the air was terrible. The way that America as a country and a people picked themselves up from this attrocity upon their soil is a testament to every single one of them. I am proud that the UK are great friends with America and like has already been said politics aside, they are a GREAT people. Even i well up when I see crowds of Americans chanting USA, USA... We went to SeaWorld on that holiday and they saluted all the fallen and the people in the Armed Forces, both American and British, and that to me is why America (or Britain) will never be beaten down, we are just too strong.

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