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Appreciate the responses. A decade has passed, but the memory and impact lives on, rightfully so.

Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
This also reminds me of my country, and what I love about it. We love our freedom, and we value the freedom of others. We want everyone to feel safe, and to live free. We have our flaws, but at the end of the day, we would lay our life down to protect those that we love.

These are the people I live with and the America I love. And no act of violence will ever change our hearts, or this passion. Terrorists can rattle us, but they underestimate who we are. They are blinded by their own stereotypes and have never looked into the true heart of the average American. This is their flaw, and will be their undoing.

9 11 reminded me of what my life was about. Since that time I have worked hard to place others first. I surely am no saint, and don't want to be overly-dramatic, but it was a day that helped me grow up and learn priorities.
Very well said, Steve.

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Growing up in the military and living in the home of the World's largest Military installation, I have never been so proud of our military men and women. They give in ways we sometimes could not imagine. I mourn with the families over every loss and rejoice over every victory. Our community seems to get hit hard every time there is a major operation or chopper crash. I thank our military men and women, our police and fire men and women every chance I get.
Our brothers and sisters in arms have done and continue to do an outstanding job. Their sacrifices, not in vein. Glad to hear your brother and sister were unharmed.

Just about a week before the attacks, my mother, brother, grandmother and I visited NY. While most of our visit was trival the two things that I remember most and still have to this day are three photos: 2 new york skyline photos from liberity island with the WTC towers deadcenter and another taken of one of the towers. I stood at the base of the tower and looking up snapped a picture.

I too got a little emotion during the Jet - Cowboys game. The bag pipes, the 100-yard American flag and the strong chant of USA, USA, USA. I thought a few times in my head "this is why I love America."

Originally Posted by mab54 View Post
I wasn't old enough to really understand what had happened, but I will always remember me and my mom watching the news. I didn't go through what you guys did, about wanting to be with my family or worrying about where my friends were. That was just my experience from that day.
Appreciate the response Mab. Always Remember.
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