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Even the thought of 9 11 beings me near tears every time. I was unprepared for this type of attack on our country, never expecting it could happen.

I was on the road for work, performing hearing tests at a major factory. Trapped in my hearing truck, things were slow so I decided to listen to AM radio and political talk. Rarely did I get opportunities to listen to the radio on the road, so this was a complete fluke.

I tuned in right as the reports started coming in that a plane had hit the first tower. It sounded bad, but I had no clue that things were about to escalate. Folks slowly trickled in, and in between every test I would turn the news back on.

When the first, and then the second tower fell I was in complete shock. I wanted to rush home and be with my family.

My work day ended about 11 AM (early start at 2 AM), and I rushed home and sat in front of the TV. I remained there for 2 days, confused, in shock, and silently crying more than a few times. The images of people jumping out of the buildings, and the thought of the brave individuals putting their life on the was just all too much.

This was an era in my life when I was just starting to grow up as a person. I was learning what it mean to be unselfish, and as the parent of a 2 year old, what it meant to be a dad.

When I was thinking back about 9 11 today as I was cutting the lawn, I was reminded of my duty to protect those that I have been entrusted to care for. There is no greater, or more important responsibility. I always want my wife and children to feel that no matter what happens, that I will be there to rescue and protect them.

This also reminds me of my country, and what I love about it. We love our freedom, and we value the freedom of others. We want everyone to feel safe, and to live free. We have our flaws, but at the end of the day, we would lay our life down to protect those that we love.

These are the people I live with and the America I love. And no act of violence will ever change our hearts, or this passion. Terrorists can rattle us, but they underestimate who we are. They are blinded by their own stereotypes and have never looked into the true heart of the average American. This is their flaw, and will be their undoing.

9 11 reminded me of what my life was about. Since that time I have worked hard to place others first. I surely am no saint, and don't want to be overly-dramatic, but it was a day that helped me grow up and learn priorities.

There are few moments in my life that linger on as potent as 9 11.

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