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I ship in January. I've signed all the papers to be a soldier in the US Army, but they have so many people coming in that you have to wait to ship these days. The average wait is 6 months. My wife is only 7 weeks right now, which is why she'll be 8 months when I graduate from basic. Lots of time to go before then, lots of preparation to do to make sure my body is as ready as possible for 10 weeks of physical and mental stress.

I'm feeling better BTB, thanks! The next morning after I went out I still felt exhausted, but I started to feel better through the day, so hopefully I've gotten over the hump and should be good from this point on.

I went to the UF Gators football game last night with my wife, which meant lots of walking and sitting unconfortably squished with lots of other people. After all these power cleans over 3 days my lower back is aching, so much that for today's workout I did something different, focussing on chest and back with a simple super set of bench and bodyweight rows, pulling myself up to the bar on another bench press rack with my feet on the bench.

I'm going to work on a new plan to take some stress off my back and let me hit a couple other things harder, so we'll see how that goes.

today's bodyweight- 208

Yesterday I didn't get my 3k cals again, which is what I credit for the weight loss. I could also be losing some of the mass I got while on the Epistane. I don't mind. At this point muscle mass will just get in my way, and I just want the strength without the bulk to slow me down. My muscles look and feel really flat, which I'm sure is because of the lack of carbs. Yesterday I took jack3d for the first time in over a month and when I trained my muscles filled up like balloons. It was temporary, of course, but still nice to see. I don't forsee any problems getting through this week while sticking to the super low carbs, and then this coming weekend it will be carb up time!

Hopefully I'll drop another lb or 2 this week in preparation for the carb up, when I'm sure I'll gain a little water weight.

By the way, I had the good fortunae to realize that the low-carb tortillas we have contain 32 grams of carbs, but 26 grams of fiber! That means only 6 net carbs, and my daily fiber needs taken care of in one go. This morning I used one to make a breakfast burrito and I feel a lot better for it.

I'm off now to figure out how to tweak this program so it doesn't tweak my back.
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