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DarthPenguin is off to a bad start

Chest workout

Have picked up an ankle injury which is a nuisance! will have to mainly focus on upper body work for next few days at least. Has been hurt for over a week but hope its better soon!

Decided i will go back to the rep ranges i used to use for bench presses as it seems to work better for all other exercises and i hoe it will let me move past the plateau i seem to have hit

Bench press

50kg x 5
55kg x 5
60kg x 5
65kg x 5
70kg x 5

These felt a lot better than the previous weeks. Form felt a lot more solid

Incline bench press

45kg x 10
45kg x 10
45kg x 9
35kg x 16

These felt good but i am noticing that my arms are almost failing first, need to increase my triceps strength a lot so will start adding in some triceps extensions too

Dumbell floor press

15kg x 15
15kg x 15
15kg x 20

These felt good though the final few reps lacked some of the explosiveness i wanted though i think this was due to fatigue. will increase the weight next week

Lying e-z bar triceps extension

27.5kg x 5
17.5kg x 7

i felt pain in my shoulder with the higher weight so dropped weight in case it was a form issue but the pain persisted so stopped when it got bad

hopefully it is just temporary and i'll see an improvement next week
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