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Thanks BTB, hooaah!


Today's diet totals-
3018 calories
21g carbs
215g fats
259g protein

Second day on the anabolic diet, and I figured out that if I actually do only eat meat covered in cheese I can actually go over my 60% fat allotment. I used to eat around 100g of fat a day, so I seem to have gone completely the other way. After I have my last meal, which will be a shake with 2tbsp of heavy cream, 1 raw egg, and 2 scoops of whey, I'll have eaten over 215g of fats today, almost all of it from animals and dairy.

I read about combining heavy cream and protein powder and blending it into a pudding like texture, but I figured out that the cream is so thick that most of it just sticks to the sides of my magic bullet look-alike blender, and it also takes way too much cream to get it to actually combine with the protein powder.

recipe fail.

I think this diet has actually increased my testosterone! Today in the gym there was a guy doing curls. First he did hammer curls, then he went over and did some preacher curls. By the time he had done a couple sets, I was DONE with my whole workout. He kept eyeing me and I could tell he was intimidated by my intensity. The whole time I wanted to go over there, grab him by the shirt, and tell him to lift some ****ing weights or GET OUT OF THE WAY.

Poor guy wasn't even in my way.

I just finished a 4 week cycle of a designer steriod, and I NEVER felt like that the whole time.

Maybe I was just stoked about my new program. When I finished the last push press I just wanted to hold that 135lbs over my head and scream "THIS IS TRAINING, THIS IS HOW YOU WORK HARD!" I know. . .it isn't even that much weight. I was just that hyped up. I could feel everyone's eyes on my back, like I was on a stage. I felt like I had to bring it hard, to show everyone else how lame they were. I've never had any issues with aggression, so who knows? Maybe all that fat has given me the testosterone I've been missing.

Today's workout
Main workout-
front squat 135x10,
Dumbell bench press 80x5,
Hang clean and push press 135x5,
BOR 135x10

Performed as a circuit, 5 circuits performed total.

I'm going to add 5 lbs. to the bench for the standard workout. 80 wasn't enough. I'm also going to change the hang clean to the power clean, as I want to get some action for my hams, glutes, and lower back.

Tomorrow will be two sessions, abs, calves and neck in the morning and Main workout -20 in the afternoon. I'll try to perform the workout more quickly whenever it's lighter, so we'll see if I can bring it again tomorrow. Saturday will be the test, as I'll be performing the workout for the third day in a row, and with 20 more lbs than today!
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