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Originally Posted by Abaddon View Post
It sounds like you are already keen to move on from wherever you consider yourself to be now.

It sounds like you are distracted by all these different routines and are looking to find some way of incorporating them all, to make the most successful routine of all!

Well, the bad news is, this will not achieve much. 'Muscle Confusion' is nonsense, for natural builders. Many natural builders will use much the same routine for years - sometimes decades - and only minor changes are occasionally needed.

If you reached a 2x bodyweight deadlift I applaud you! My question is, why did you stop there?! Progression is key, always.

Take it back to formula buddy. Full body. Heavy compounds. Max effort. 3 days a week.
I've got to say, with complete respect, that I completely disagree with where you're going. He's built a good solid base of strength, but wasn't reaching his goal of building size. He hasn't said anything about wanting to be a powerlifter, so obviously lifting heavier weights but not gaining mass isn't working for him.

The workout he had set up on the last page was based around compound movements that would allow him to apply progression to build both strength and size, with some isolation stuff thrown in. If that's not the basis of a good, solid bodybuilding routine, then I must have gotten off track a loooong time ago.

As for muscle confusion, no one ever mentioned that at all! In fact, we've already established that he should plan to stick with whatever program he chooses as long as it gives him results, even if he sticks with it for years to come. That's the opposite of muscle confusion.

The modifications I made to his planned program introduced more bodyweight work and a little dynamic work to keep things interesting. I think it was a solid plan, and just because a plan has more than 4 movements doesn't mean it's bad or overkill. Whats the harm in doing 3 sets of bench and 3 sets of dips instead of 6 sets of bench?

Off road- If he was 200 lbs, then he'd have a good 20-30 lbs of fat he'd have to get rid of at this point. If he slowly moves up his intake and does a good job of keeping track of it, then he should start to see the mass to go along with his strength without having to spend 2 years cutting.

Get huge69- Remember, the diet really is more important than the specifics of the workout. If you do decide to go wtih a full body routine, then it can definitely work for you, but focus on how the diet combines with the training to move you towards your goals.

Of course, on the internet, or anywhere else for that matter, opinions will very. I personally like the plan you put up, especially with my modifications, for your goal of bodybuilding. If at some point you decide that strength is more important, than I believe that will change what program will work best for you, and you'll need to rethink things.
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