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Ok.. So what do I do? Iron Addicts routine, or a fullbody like Bill Starr's 5x5? At first I thought sttrength was size also but after getting my deads to 2 times my bodyweight and not seeing a difference I kind of thought that the whole idea of putting all this emphasis on the compound lifts for size wasant exactly correct. And that its more for strength. I guess what I was missing was under eating right?

And again which routine should I do as a few ideas and opinions were mentioned? The uupper and lower seemed good cuz it has the compound lifts but also accessory stuff so I figured I was getting the size work in too. I guess the point is strength really is size and I should be concentration on getting up mt big lifts, correct?

So which routine do I chose, upper, lower, ironaddicts, bill starr, etc?

And as far as a long term plan goes, after imonths or years or whatever of doing whatever routine, where would I go from there? Like after bill starrs say, or iron addicts, after I've surpassed those, would I then go to an upper lower split like the other one, or what happens after that intermediate level is perhaps advanced?
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