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gethuge69 is off to a bad start

thanks again soldier.

Ok, so then full body 3 days a week over 4 days upper/lower is the best way to go cuz of the testerone? I'll see better results like that? Which program would you reccommend for sure? The reason i'd think an upper/lower is good is cuz i'd be hitting evereything twice and those big muscles like legs would get hit twice and back.. but im open to new ideas

And i'm glad you like the diet, I guess i'll stick with that (tho man I miss my grilled chicken ceasar wraps on whole wheat and beef patties)

Anyone else please feel free to chime in.

Originally Posted by Soldier View Post
Haha, basically, yes.

The reasoning behind full body workouts is that you will use your legs and back pretty much every time you go in the gym. When you use those big muscles, your body reacts by releasing testosterone and lots of other goodies that help your body get bigger. Hitting only smaller muscles in a training session means you won't get that response from your body, or atleast won't get as much of one.

Pros don't need to get their bodies to release test, because they are getting it from the end of a needle, so they can use longer workouts with more isolation work to stimulate growth in specific muscles. (In all fariness to them, they've also spent years and years building themselves up to handle those longer workouts as well)

As for rep range, you'll need to try different programs to figure out what will give you what you want. Some find that strength based routines that keep them under 5 reps work great for hypertrophy, while others respond better to higher reps. I'd theorize that the fact that you stalled in your strength and didn't get increased size is completely due to undereating. You'r diet looks great, so don't start binging on Burger king. Just eat more of the good stuff you're already eating.
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