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DanieleIta is off to a bad start

Clear've understand my questions!

1)I was in the your same condition for the bb bench press but I've recently learned some tricks from some Italian powerlifter and the situation changed, my chest grew up....I started to stay more hard with the back, push with the feet on the floor, keep my chest out, take my blades abducted, make a stop of 1" on the chest and push with high speed the barbell in a linear trajectory with "locked" elbows....not simply to learn and there are not so many people prepared to teach the good technique professionally!Only powerlifter and olympionic athlete/coach can...
I'm sure you've already tried that but I'm sure you would give an extra quantity of mass by using bb bench press too. Make a Jump in a Powerlifter team and try it

2)Ok, I've understand

Thank you
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