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Originally Posted by Chillen View Post
I mean this with utmost respect.

Do you have two hands? I am sure they are capable of making more than PBJ's

Can you cook and prepare food? If you do not know how, honestly learn how.

Do you get or earn money?

Do you have access to things in the house? Like the refrigerator, and things in the cupboard?

Do you have a car or access to a car to go to the grocery store?

Can you ask your parents to get things (on a list you make) at the store when they go shopping?

In addition, what have YOU figured your calorie maintenance line to be and where are you going to set calorie deficits at?

Well when you put it like that then yes I suppose I have a bit more control than I led on.

1. I can cook, rather well actually, it just honestly takes a lot more time than I have.

2. Yes I have a full time job, but after car payments, gas, tuition, and books, a minimum wage job doesn't leave a lot left over at the end of the month for a full grocery bill. Hence why I live at home. I may have in the ball park of $50-60 a month for food.

3. Yes.

4. Yes, this is unfortunately my money pit.

5. Yes, if i pay for it, but they get sort of offended in a "what, our food isn't good enough" sort of way.

No offense taken though Chillen, I was more looking for a simple plan I could follow that would not have me constantly counting calories and cycling carbs.

Thanks for the help though.
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