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Default Slow Cut for a Meet in the Spring

Hey guys, I know cutting for meets has been discussed ad nauseum around here and the internets so I apologize in advance if many of you think this is beating a dead horse.

There is usually a PL meet here in MD sometime in Feb-Mar. The USAPL Navy Open if I remember correctly. I currently sit at about 225 and would like to cut into the 198s. I think that I could lost the 30 lbs if I started now and just did a slow cut and be down to 196-197 by Feb.

The biggest problem I have, being in college and living at home, is I have very little control over my diet. I eat what my parents make, and I'm pretty happy that I can get that, because I would be eating ramen and PBJs if I was on my own. So other than the obvious of portion control, what can I do?

The best idea Ive seen is to do a warrior diet or some other form of intermittent fasting. That way I can just fast for the day and eat dinner at home. Seems to be easy and will work with my schedule.

Does anyone have any other ideas that may help me? Even if its just links to other reads or anything, I just don't feel that I would be even remotely competitive at the 242s or even 220s.

Thanks in advance.
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