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Originally Posted by wankerman View Post
I am 5 foot 11 and 149 pounds and looking to build as much muscle as I can. She figured out carbohydrates and told me I need at 550 grams each day or rice or things like that.
Then I'm pretty sure she's an idiot.

She has prescribed for you a diet super-high in quick energy carbs and not suited to your goals at all, as there's no focus on proteins and fats.

As others have posted: it is genuinely hard to overdose on protein, if obtained from natural sources, at least. Overdosing on protein powders is another matter entirely, and something I can discuss first hand.

But in your case you need to - and can safely eat - double the protein this person has advised you to eat on a daily basis. Also increase your natural fats and cut those carbs down... a little, at least. You're young and have a very high metabolism, so I don't think a major reduction in carbs is beneficial.

More red meat. More chicken. More eggs. More milk. More fish. More olive oil.
And more almonds, beans, sweet potato and chic peas if you're looking for a more complete food pyramid.



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