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Skyler is off to a bad start

Pre workout: 3caps of RPM

Peri workout: 10g whey/15g cho

Safety Bar Box Squat: 307 x 5, 277 x 6

Chins: BW+43 x 5 x 2

GHR: BW +25 x 8 x 2

Single Leg Calf on Freedom Trainer: 185 x 8 x 2/leg

Neck work:
-Extensions: 25 x 12 x 2
-Flexions: 25 x 12 x 2
-Rotations: Black Band x 10 x 2

Post workout: 30g whey/10g creatine mono/Lots of cadbury xmas balls

Great workout. Normally I'd include reactive plyo work but I like to take 1 session off every 4 weeks to keep CNS fatigue at bay. Great workout!
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