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RickB is off to a good startRickB is off to a good startRickB is off to a good startRickB is off to a good start

Merry Christmas! There's definitely a good group of folks here! I'm glad to be a part of this community and my older home @ IPYU. I've also made many friends through these sites. There are many of you that I'd welcome into my home any time.

Hope you all have the best New Year ever and stay safe if you are travelling during these holidays.

*BTW, if you don't celebrate Christmas, but rather something else as GLWanabe stated....enjoy that too.

Working 1/2 day today and then the chaos begins when I get home. Christmas with my family, then to the wife's parent's house, then to the wife's Grandparent's house. Then get home, put things up, wait for the boys to go to bed and set up "santa" for the a.m.
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