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Originally Posted by Fazc View Post
So we're liking the 4 day a week split now, right?

It can be done with up to 4 days of cardio (I've done that before), in 2004 over the course of 3 months I dropped some 8kg of fat using that routine and 4 days a week of cardio. My personal preference was steady state cardio, I worked up to an hour 4 days a week on various rowers, cycles, ellipticals etc.

Just one word of caution on the 4 day split, I would have a light week every 3rd or 4th week, where you lift nothing heavier than 60-80kg or so. It's a pretty full-on routine and I found that was necessary to keep progressing.

I would still consider approaching this in 3 month blocks. That will ensure you have deadlines to meet, and deadlines generally mean that people won't short-change themselves and that they will stay focused on the goal.
Your 4 day 1RM routine is very similar to what I am doing now actually. The main difference is that I was doing 3x3, 3x5 and 5/3/1 instead of singles. I do think singles will help me a lot. I also have DL's on Wed, OHP (though I like to push press from a standing position) Thurs, Squat Sat and Bench Sun which works out well in terms of equipment available in the gym and recovery time.

I do weighted dips, leg presses, Close grip bench, chins, rows and most of the stuff you have in the program. Thing is, I was unsure what to put where but now I know! Cardio is not a problem as I have a park just minutes away which allows me to go for a jog around without risk of being hit by a car!

When it comes to singles, where should I start? With a 140kg best in Squat and DL, should I start at 5 singles @ 125kg or is that far too high? Do you do the same weight singles or ramp up (or down)? My bench best is 80kg x 10 and 85kg x 7 though I did 90kg x 3 last week with room to spare. I have a good idea of all other weights in the assistance exercises. MY OHP from a push press position best is 65kg but that was extremely easy and I know I have more to come. My clean best is 70kg.

You're totally right about deloading. I think that part of the reason I picked up a minor back injury on the deadlift (besides leaning forward like a fool just as I was trying for a PR) was tiredness. I had probably 5-6 weeks in a row where I was doing 90%+ of my best and that's not good. Over-enthusiasm/stupidity.

In terms of nutrition, i normally have 3-4 eggs (2 yolks) in an omlette with some onions/tomato. I usually have 100g of chicken/turkey and salad mid-morning. Pre-workout I mix 3 scoops of ON protein powder with 50g of oats and water, drink half before the workout and half afterward. Dinner is anything from beef/turkey/chicken and rice/potatoes/yam (and I need to add veg more often). I'll then have a tin of tuna with salad and low fat mayo and then 125g of cottage cheese before bed. I like to have cheat foods on a Saturday night and try to restrain myself from booze (this week I was at a wedding and was the first time in 2 months I had a drink and I'll have no more for another month). I occasionally eat half a King Pro50 bar but I know these ain't all that good healthwise. My weaknesses are pastries, chocolate, cheese doritos and pizza! I also have pancakes at weekends usually. ABout 2 litres of water a day, vitamin C, multivitamin and I was taking creatine but I just stopped this week.
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