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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Have you spent more money on fitness equipment out of the gym (at home use), or more money on gym memberships and classes?

Also, tell us about some of the crazy things you've purchased that are collecting dust.
This is the equipment I use:

Its pretty basic, and is all I need.

1. I have about 500 lbs (approx) of Olympic style cast iron weights (Gold's Gym, brand), and 6 pairs of 2.5/1.5 Gold's Gym cast iron plates.

2. Olympic stainless steel long bar (45lbs type), a short "S" bar (about 20 lbs in weight), a "tri" bar (about 15 pounds in weight), four stainless steel, DB's (about 5.5 pounds in weight). I don't use a lifting belt, but I do use a elongated pad on the LB for Squats (particularly used for Front Squats to save bruising of the front delts)

3. Olympic Style Bench which declines and inclines, and has a squat rack (which I highly modified). It also has a preacher pad, and a front leg extension device. I have never used the front leg extension device since I had this bench--dont like it much.

4. A mobile flat bench which inclines, declines, flattens, and can be put completely upright.

5. A upright recumbent bike with a back rest. It has a gouge for inputting one's age, wgt, etc. It will display heart rate, calories burned, and time in exercise.

6. A self made dip station, which I had used a lot, but not too much at the moment. My friend and I welded this together a few years ago, and it looks like a traditional dip station one would see in a catalog or on line.

Prior to this, I used a "Clothes Rack" for Dips within my previous goal attempts:

What's interesting here is that for many months I used a "car cloths rack" for my dips (we have to be inventive in our requests....HEHEHE ). I have been wanting to put dips in my workout for some time, but flat didnt have the equipment or money--at the time. One day I got of my car, and the "car cloths rack' caught me eye. I took it out and looked at it. Since it telescoped out, I was hoping it would come apart into two separate sections. It did. It was made of steel, and the only question was: Would it support my weight and the stess of sets/reps. I had 4 rather high jack stands in the garage. I gather you can figure out what I did-------"worked perfectly"!

For exercise it cost: Zero, LOL.

7. 2 Golds gym weight stackers on opposite walls in the garage.

8. A Swiss Ball, and my sons and I use it for trash can basketball outside the garage.

9. Several Stretch bands, at varying strengths

10. Wrist/hand hooks (mainly to get the last rep out, where I am focusing on a certain muscle/group, and my hand grip weakens out.

11. A lat pull-down attachment for my Bench, and modified the cable configuration. This doubles as a Triceps push down.


The absolute worst thing I ever purchased was the: Ab roller it (at the very beginning when I first started) collects dust now, but I keep it around to remind me of my stupidity and keep me sharp in looking for Bull-shit.

One time investment. I do have to purchase new gloves as I wear them out regularly. I am asked why I wear gloves? Because I am interested in building/maintaining (dependent on goal) muscle, and not collases on the hand.

I train at home. I love it.

And bug, agitate, and piss my own ass off all the time.......

For some reason the iron still looks at me, and says: "Is this all you got?"

I love you for that, Iron.

Some costs are measured by efforts applied.

Having a home gym is cost effective in the sense that it eliminates........EXCUSES. And, eliminates other daily living problems that can prevent training. Such as weather and deciding whether to drive, cause it is real slick due to snowy weather, etc, etc.
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