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I'm right in the middle of training for my first meet, well the meet has been cancelled but I'm continuing training for it anyway and I'm gonna hit some big PRs at the end of Sept!! I'm 41, been training for about three years, inconsistency has big my biggest flaw. I'm 6' ,current weight 275. I was as low as 225 last fall; as high as 340 three years ago, I love food!! My goals are simply, get as strong as I possibly I can, and shed some bf along the way,and be consistant. I am currently working with a trainer, out of respect for him I'm only gonna post a couple of the main lifts. Here we go:

week 5
Mon Aug 22
paused SSB squats:200+10x5,5
sumo speed pulls: 275x3,3,3
asst work

Tue Aug 23
rotator work/DC stretches
comp bench,index on rings:225x5, w/belt and wraps
paused db bench: 70sx10,10
no asst work today, life happened

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