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Originally Posted by Fazc View Post
Getting bigger is still inevitably going to come from lifting heavier and heavier weights, albeit for higher reps. I don't think you've gotten strong enough yet to see any major muscular size gains, for someone of your weight the strength levels wouldn't indicate a huge degree of muscle, more than likely a higher bodyfat percentage.

I would still focus on strength if size is your goal, preferring to go for the second routine as you can hit each area three times a week. For a guy your size and height you'll really need to be looking at hitting 400/300/500 at a minimum to really see a large build. Once at that point I'd cut the fat down to really see an impressive physique.

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Yes I think you've hit the nail on the head there mate! With an honest look in the mirror, there must be about 30 pounds of fat that ideally will need to be shed at some point! The only thing is even with that amount of fat I can still see the top 4 abs even though I'm far from lean? Does that mean I just have thick abs under the fat? The other thing is because I've been doing a lot of weighted chin-ups, as I've gained weight I've got a sneaky microload in there too from the gradually increasing bodyweight on top of what I was adding to the belt, that's brought on some good back development. I was conscious that if I gained any weight that I wanted to make sure I could still do chin ups.

But apart from that, yeah i'm fat It needs to be addressed at some point.

I suppose the only other benefit to be taken from getting to a soft 230lb is that I know how to take in calories, some have trouble eating enough to gain weight.

Enough excuses. LOL.
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