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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Thanks Fazc. Bench is an area of concern. I have had the habit of benching head up for the last 2 years and need to make sure I don't do this at the meet. I have been practicing the last 3 weeks but I still forget. I need to write it on my hand or something.
Yep, little things like that catch people out. A lifter friend of mine got red lighted for not beginning a squat with his legs completely locked out, he walked out but was so nervous he was sort of hunched up. I've seen guys get failed for the silliest things but it's all part and parcel of the Meet. Rarely will you attend a Meet without some sort of rule drama. Just try and make sure you're not the one getting caught out.

I'd also practice the unrack and press commands.
  • The first command in the Bench is to unrack, you communicate with your spotter and get the bar handed to you.
  • The next command is after you've lowered it and paused, the judge will say "press" and you'll raise it from your chest to lockout.
  • Then make sure you pause! Wait for the judge to say "rack" and THEN rack it.

The squat is similar, you have two commands: One to "squat" after you've unracked it. And the second to "rack" after you have hopefully made the squat.

The deadlift is simpler, when your name is called you have your allotted time to lift the bar. The only command is at the top, where you are told to lower the bar. Usually the ref will hold his hand up and then lower it, when he wants you to lower the bar.

Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Food wise I have protein bars, whey and bananas. I am also thinking about taking along some sandwiches...meat, cheese, butter, tomatoes that sort of thing.
That sounds perfect. At my first competition (the Strongman one) I bought fruit juice which just gave me the worst stomach ache throughout the day. In my later competitions I would typically have sandwiches and bananas as you said, that works well.

The Meets I would attend would usually begin at 9am with the weigh-ins. The first lifts would start at 10am and we'd lift through to about 4pm.
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