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Originally Posted by Carl1174 View Post
Did these to a banch this morning for the first time and they were too easy. I think cos I am such a short a$$ the bench means I get to parallel just, maybee even a tad higher so I worked up to 135kg x 8 and it wasnt a struggle at all (normal squats are 150kg x 3 BP)... I now dont know what to do, the aerobic steps are only about 12 inches off the floor which i could use but thats completely ATG for me, or I could stand on some plates and use the bench, putting the bench just below parallel, but then Im stepping on and off plates with a lot of weight on my back ... any other thoughts anyone ??

I figured you'd find these easy Carl. Your years of conventional squatting have built your core strength to where box squatting is maybe too easy for you.

It sounds like you need to either build/buy your own box and bring it to the gym ( stupid idea I guess but if the gym will allow it, it's really not difficult) or scrap the box squats altogether.

If the foot-high option is too low, and the bench is too high, I don't know what else to do!

We have plastic milk crates in Oz which are about 18 inches square and would be perfect for you... I use them to raise my SM log and protect the tiles.



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