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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Just a random thought. I see a lot of fitness and weight makeover shows that involve extremely heavy clients. the trainers often make them do a lot of explosive work, as well as a lot of joint intense work right out of the gate.

This makes me wince. Maybe I am an oddball here but I would rather play it safe and build some conditioning while working on better eating habits.

I don't know my body could take the beating some of these trainers put clients through.

What do you think. Am I a wuss?
I agree. I cringe when I see them jogging, even for some lighter people, such as myself, jogging is a strict no-no due to an unstable knee...the bigger a person is, the more pressure, impact, the joint gets...the faster a person moves, the more the impact again; it's not good.

I remember seeing one person dislocate his shoulder through doing push-ups at a really heavy bodyweight. They check out their hearts and blood pressure but they don't seem to take weight and joints and the stability of tendons and such in to account when devising a routine for the newcomer to exercise. That may just be related to TV style, quick loss situations, but even so, what does it say about the trainers?
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