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It feels just great being able to taste your maximum strength in every exercise instead of just wearing out your muscles.

Augusts' checkpoint! (last one was 06/14/11)

Weight - 75kg (+2.8kg)
Thighs(largest point, flexed) - 60.5cm (+1.5cm)
Arms(relaxed) - 33.6 (+1cm)
Calves - 35cm (+1cm)

Not bad, I think, but it could've been better. My nutrition's being less than ideal.
I didn't record chest and shoulders measures in the past few months, but I know everything's bigger as well. Even my calves! I just can't believe it: my calves have been 34~34.5cm since last december. Now they've grown half an inch in about two months.

Bodyfat's a little highier, but still fine.
From now on, I'll be using "Casey Butt's measurements", which I believe to be the "standard".
Here we go:

Height - 182cm
Weight - 75kg
Chest: 103cm
Shoulders: 122cm
Arms(flexed): 35.5cm
Arms(relaxed): 33.6cm
Forearms: 27.6cm
Thighs(midpoint, relaxed): 55.5cm
Thighs(largest point, flexed): 60.5cm
Calves: 35.5cm
Waist: 82cm
Hips: 96.5cm

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