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Default By Reply And In Response, 'My Old Friend' Says:

"My response to powerlifters would be that this machine was the only single machine that I found that could do all the exercises I wanted including cables with up to 300kg and still fit in a 1.5mx2.5m space.

Secondly, the machine will give you big muscles which are functional for the ladies that look at them.

Thirdly, I think bodyweight exercises are a valid form of functional strength - dips, chin ups, push ups. I can do 20 chin ups, most power lifters cannot - but they are still functionally very strong in other ways that are also valid functional strength exercises. You can either be the elephant or the orang utan, you can't normally be both.*

Most importantly, the machine is a safe way of getting an injury free workout for people who train alone. You can also use settings that avoid shoulder injuries etc. It is as good as anything I have found for rowing or cables due to the ultra smooth swing arm motion having a constant resistance. This makes it a lot harder than it looks."

I think this machine would be excellent for a powerlifter who wants a brilliant rowing/lat pull down/cable machine that takes up to 200kg of olympic plates on the small cable arm. It can do all the rest of the exercises but most big guys buy this + a power cage.
Lastly, if you stack up all the arms with spare olympic plates you can store 600kg of olympic plates on it - which is handy.

* My emphasis here. I just like the quote.



Axle clean-press: 100 kgs (220 lbs)
Bench press: 135 kgs (298 lbs) - 1st PL meet 16th October 2011
Deadlift w/Barbell: 180 kgs (397 lbs)
Deadlift w/Hexbar: 225 kgs (496 lbs)
Farmers walk: 240 kgs (530 lbs), 50 feet
Front squat: 100 kgs (220 lbs)
Log clean-press: 100 kgs (220 lbs)
Strict OHP: 85 kgs (187 lbs) 3 reps
Tyre flip: 260 kgs (573 lbs), 100 feet

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