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Originally Posted by Abaddon View Post
I know he squats, but I don't know how heavy and how deep - I'll need to contact him and get back to you. Deadlifts he avoids.

I also know he had knee reconstructions as a young boy, and so prefers not to go too heavy.
Originally Posted by Abaddon View Post
Ken Adams says:
"I am squatting 70kg at my heaviest set at the moment(8 reps), in regard to deadlifts I will NEVER do them!! I know too many people who blew a disk and I am planning on training for many decades to come. And I am aware all the hardcore trainers will go on a rant that if your form is correct there is no danger but I am not interested."
And in answer to the question how heavy is too heavy:
"For me its not so much about lift ceilings, if I get to 10 reps then I will move up in weight"
I understand that due to knee reconstruction he has to watch load bearing capabilities of the knees but to remove, or disregard, the deadlift completely will in fact end up with him possibly blowing a disk, as he puts it.

The deadlift is merely the picking up of an object from floor height which we do all day everyday and to different degrees, the problems arise when we use poor form or a weight we cannot handle, ego-lifts...true, there are the accidents/tweaks that just occur but that can occur at any time and doing any lift, as we all know from experience. Sometimes, the heavier the lift, the safer the lift because we are paying more attention to form.

The times I've injured my back is through doing vaccuuming and yoga (not at the same time ) but not as yet through any deadlift or squat. He really would do well to add deadlifts in but he doesn't have to go really heavy on them, the form in itself will protect his back in the future when lifting that one box that may just throw his back out, if he is not used to correct lifting form.

Just something he may like to consider, up to him though, ultimately.
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