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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Here's a quote from Casey Butt:

Some athletes' careers from the era, such as Reg Park's, do span the introduction of steroids into bodybuilding. In Park's case, he weighed 226 lbs when he won the Mr. Britain title in 1949, 214 lbs when he won the Mr. Universe title in 1951, 215 lbs when he won it the second time in 1958, and 216 lbs when he placed 3rd in 1971 (at age 43 - he returned again in 1973 to place 2nd). If Park did jump on the steroid bandwagon when he learned of them in 1960, then they produced one pound of muscle in 11 years for him.
BTB, Casey doesnt present the full picture in this case. Let me put out a few numbers that I knew of to add to Casey's post. Here is a trend in Reg Parks weight change.

Early 1950s -
1950: Steve Reeves, 6'1", 213 lbs (source - Measurements of the first 15 Mr Americas)

1951: Reg Park, 6'2", 225 lbs (source - from 1951 "Your Physique" cover under the magazine articles heading)

1956: Reg Park, 6'2", 230 lbs (source - Reg Park - A Hercules for Our Time)

1965: Reg Park, 6'1.5", 235 lbs (source - Measurements of Mr Universe Contestants)

1967: Arnold Schwarzenegger, 6'2", 245 lbs (source - same as above). Arnold stayed at this weight roughly throughout his career for contests, although his off-season weight has been known to go up to 265 lbs. Despite turning up around 245 lbs almost every time in 70s, he made improvements in conditioning (and presumably this meant some increases in lean body mass too).

1967: Reg Parks, 247 lbs (while training with the York group) (source -

1971: Reg Parks, 216 lbs (source - Reg Park - A Hercules for Our Time). He mentioned that this was a big mistake on his part in cutting weight that year.

Reg Parks: Biggest ever - 250 lbs (source - Reg Park - A Hercules for Our Time)

I mentioned Steve Reeves 1950 measurements since that was when steroids were yet to appear in USA, and these measurements were presumably natural. I mentioned Arnold's stats, since he is a known steroid user from the 1960s and 70s era.

Incidentally, with stats being bandied around in this post, it is interesting to notice how difficult it is to get 20" arms in bodybuilding. The official records have Arnold taping in the 19.75" to 20.5" arms (20.5" @ 245 lbs), while Weider put out the 22" figure in his magazines. Reg Park had to go up to 250lbs in order to tape 20" biceps. Kind of puts a whole new perspective on the subject of "big" arms in muscular, fairly ripped conditions.

By the way, if anyone is interested for the first part of Reg Park interview from Bob Whelan's site, here is the link - Reg Park - A Hercules for Our Time

I will concede that all these sources I presented are from the interwebz. Knowing the internet, it is entirely possible that Casey had a better and more reliable source and his numbers might be more accurate. But, given the pictures of Arnold and Reg Parks together, I am more inclined to believe the numbers I put out).

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