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sorry been busy with work but here's my schedule for the week

This workout is my conditioning workout and it is done after my weight lifting session 3 days a week. Each station is 30 sec with station 8 being 15 sec per arm.

Station 1 - Squat thrust stand
Station 2 - Bear crawls
Station 3 - Punch, kick combo's
Station 4 - Ground and pound bag

Rest - 1 min

Station 5 - push ups
Station 6 - jump squats
Station 7 - med ball slams
Station 8 - Olympic bar punches

Repeat 2 more times

My weight lifting program is 3 days a week Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Power Cleans, 5 sets, 3 rep
Zercher carry, 2 sets, 5 meters
Dumbbell push press, 2 sets, 10 rep ( knees bent explode up with the press then lower down slowly )
Farmers walk, 2 sets, 5 meters
Deadlifts, 3 sets, 5 rep
Bench press, 3 sets, 10 rep

All that is in the am then in the pm my schedule is

Monday - Boxing
Tuesday - Muay Thai
Wednesday - Jiu Jitsu, Take downs
Thursday - kick boxing
Friday - open mat ( sparring )
Saturday - rest
Sunday - Rest

With cardio I am supposed to run 3 days a week and work my way up to 5 days a week. Diet is eat clean no processed food eating around 2800 calories, lots of protein, veggies, carbs. For now i get no cheat days :O i know scary right but i'll manage. After when im ready i will be put in tournaments when im ready. Today was a bad day because i had to get rid of all my junk food from my apartment things like ice cream, pizza, candy, chips, coke but i do know its the right thing to do because these thing staying in my kitchen will give me temptations and one day i will go all out and eat till i can't eat anymore so its better safe then sorry. For hydration im supposed to drink water and only water. For workouts I will be taking this product Universal Nutrition Intra-Aid™ - Blue Raspberry - UNIVERSAL - GNC
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