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Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
Agreed with everyone on your being able to hit your goals!

As for sleeping/lack of sleep, baby stuff, etc. Remember this is all new to you. Your body will adjust to the new norm, whatever it becomes. Also, plan ahead with meals, so you always have stuff on hand to keep the eating on track. At least a day in advance. That way you also don't have to think about it the next day, or worse, eat crap instead of good food.

A few months from now, you will have adjusted and forgotten all about your current troubles. Of course, you will have all new troubles, but that's for another day.

Point is keep plugging away and don't be so hard on yourself. But you already know that.
Thanks Mike. Your tip on preparing food is definitely true and useful! She actually slept like an angel last night. If she misbehaves I really need to make it home earlier to relieve Mrs LtL but she didn't so I get to go and train tonight.

Originally Posted by big_swede View Post
Im the same myself Al. Ive never thought about competing untill just recently because I did not think I would stand a slightest chanse, which it occured to me I probably will.

And dont be hard on youreself, you recently squatted 190x3, that is beastly weight moved brother!!
Thanks man. Just as an FYI though the freak who beat me at regionals totalled 662.5kg's at the weekend RAW and drug free. Pulled 272.5kg's or 600lb's!!! I'll post the video later. NOW I'm motivated!!!

Originally Posted by Squatter View Post
I am already looking forward to your next meet Al
Me too Jim

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