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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Was doing some reading last night and it put into context just how hard a natural 700 pound deadlift is to achieve.

Bob Peoples set a deadlift record of 719 pounds, and this record stood for 50 years.

His training is interesting because he deadlifted heavy nearly day, and also focused quite often on eccentric training. In fact, he developed machines to lift the weight for him so he could practice lowering it.

A 700 natural deadlift is an amazing accomplishment.

I find this bit of interest because when I started with the KB jerks, at the weightload of 12kg...I trained them everyday, for a few reps only, with each weightload which is how I got up to the 24kg eventually.

I found that doing a few reps, max of 10, with the with the 16kg, when I could, and then 8 with rep with the 20kg and then progressed to 7 reps, and onto the one rep at 24kg which turned in to 3 single reps possible in the one session toward the end...seemed like a hot knife through butter for progression.

Initial KB use was: 8kg (warm-up 10 reps), 12kg slightly less reps, 16kg as many as seemed sensible (or possible, to begin with)*

That progressed to: 12kg (warm-ups), 16kg slightly less reps, 20kg as many as seemed sensible (or possible, to begin with)*

Then: 16kg (warm-ups), 20kg slightly less reps, 24kg one rep which progressed to several with short breaks.

There's definitely something in the daily training as long as it's not overdone or overreached, and that ran alongside anything else I was doing at the time...took barely a few minutes at most.

* Initially it would be one rep, or even a half-rep which did not go up at the days went on the reps increased quite steadily and relatively easily, all things considered.
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