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Default The road to 231.4 LW Strongman Nationals and beyond

A little background on me:

My name is Austin Taylor. I am 29 years old. I have been training for strength for about 3 years now. I have competed in 2 powerlifting meets with my best total of 1109 lbs. I have done a limited Strongman competition due to an injury that required surgery on my right knee. I plan on hitting the MAB ADFPF meet in August, at least 1 strongman contest prior to the end of the year, and many more meets as time progresses. On the job front, I am a military police officer in the Iowa National Guard where I work full time. I love my job! I am married with 2 children, my son is 5 and my daughter is 19 months old. I train in a barely organized approach to lift/push/pull heavy things. I have been running 5/3/1 for my main lifts and adding strongman type accessories with an events day on Saturdays. My basic split is:

Monday: Strict Press, Push Press 5/3/1, DB Hammer Curls, Facepulls, Maybe some tricep work
Tuesday: Squat 5/3/1, Leg Press, Box Jumps (when healthier) high reps front squats (when healthier)
Wednesday: Cardio-I mix between HIIT and LISS depending on recovery from squat day
Thursday: Power/squat cleans, Deadlift 5/3/1, RDL or SLDL, Lunges(when Healthier, chins or Close grip lat pulldowns
Friday: Bench 5/3/1, Row variation, Heavy tricep work (CGBP normally, can rotate depending on how my wrists feel) Heavy BB curls NOTE: I dont do heavy bench as it interferes with my pressing goals. I do bench enough to keep from muscle imbalance and to support my powerlifting total.
Saturday: I make the 2 hour drive across the state to train strongman events. I normally get there twice a month. I am slowly collecting/building implements to train with at home.
Sunday: Recovery, family time, a few beers and sports.

Being in the army I need to have cardio endurance and keep my weight down. I am currently at about 262 lbs. I got rather fat in the past 6 months due to knee scope on 28 April, keeping me from training at the intensity that I normally do. My knee is healing great, feels nice and stable. As I progress further into my rehab, I will add back in my exercises that I have taken out and progress back towards my goal of having a 14 minute 2 mile time while totalling 1200 pounds and winning a strongman contest, thus qualifying for nationals. I have started the couch to 5k program and I enjoy it as a structured way to break back into running. There is an Android and iPhone app for it if you are interested.

Goals for the rest of 2011:
Squat: 275 for reps
Bench: 300 1rm
Deadlift: 500 1rm
Powerclean: 275 1rm
12 inch log: 250 1rm
Axle clean and press: 250 1rm
360lb stone over 48" bar
Body weight at a steady 235-240
2 Mile Run time of 16 minutes

My stats as of 13 June 2011
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 270 (on Sunday)
Chest: 50.5"
Arms: 16"
Hips: 42.5" (holy chit)
Waist: 43.5" (really holy chit)
Thighs: 27"
Calves: 19.5"
Forearms: 12.5"
Shoulders: 57"
Neck: 20"

I just started wave 2 of my 5/3/1 so I will go back to Monday and post workouts.

I take the following supplements:
Multi: Controlled Labs Orange Triad
Creatine: Promera Health Con-Cret
Protein: Myofusion and XF ultra peptide
Fiber: NOW psyllium husk capsules
Intra: Controlled Labs Purple Wraath

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