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Guys, it would be great to have more discussion on this thread.

Re-reading Steve's original post, where he outlines the weekly structure, it became apparent to me that he developed it with my SMWA training schedule in mind (Saturdays). And the below template is almost exactly the same as my current Chest and Shoulder routine!

Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
For example, on bench day I might do the following: (I have limited equipment, remember)

--Bench Press
--Push Press
--Barbell or Dumbbell Row
--Closegrip Bench Press or Dumbbell Bench Press or Heavy Tricep Exercise

You could also do shoulder prehab/rehab, and/or facepulls or rear delt work.
I don't want to seem like I'm flaking on my routine - I'm not. I need to work properly to demonstrate that gains are still being made.

That aside, when it is time to move into a new training regimen altogether (and that may be soon) I would like to get it sorted now.
Originally Posted by Wlfdg View Post
My feeling is that since strongman has a greater skill component it should get more time devoted to it.
I wouldn't directly train abs since strongman training is so stimulating the thoracic stabilizers.
Thanks for this Wlfdg - I like the aversion to abs training because I hate abs training. I have core strength, and I know it, from the heavy compounds and some triceps work. And I'd like more info on the bold bit if possible?
Originally Posted by austin.j.taylor View Post
The hardest thing for someone who wants to transition to strongman is how unimportant benching actually is. I have been running 5/3/1 with bench turned down to about 60%. I did this for two reasons, 1-to focus on OH strength, 2-because benching does very little in strongman. My press is damn near what my bench is right now. I really only bench to help balance out the power between my back and my front.

I would split the exercises you have up there like this:
Tuesday: Push press and CGBP or tricep work
Thursday: Bench and Rows

Here is what I am currently running:
Monday: Squat with leg press and some sort of clean variation
Tuesday: Push Press with CGBP or more push press and sometimes power snatches and high rep hammer curls
Wednesday: off
Thursday: Bench with rows, chins, and BB curls (My bench work is light enough that recovery isnt a problem from Tuesday, but you could flip this and fridays workout if you like)
Friday: Deadlift with RDL/SLDL and shrugs with powercleans as my warmup
Saturday: Events training-always try to do at least one overhead event, one moving event, and lung busting event
Sunday-chicken wings and beers
Austin, thanks for your input too - I know you have some experience here.

I'd like to know how dramatically different a routine needs to be in order to satisfy SM training goals, and why. Keeping in mind I can only train specialty SM stuff on weekends. I can of course post up my routines as they look now, but the oldies have seen them ad nausea and the newbs just need to click the link in my sig.

It may be time for a change, fellas. Any advice is always appreciated.



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