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DEADLIFT 07/18/11

My low back has been giving me plenty of signs it has been on the mend. Riding the midway at the Calgary Stampede all day Saturday reassured me that it was OK to try some light deads. Riding the midway actually made my back feel better. I think hanging upside down for 2 minutes on 1 ride (ya, it was about 2 mins - people were starting to panic a bit) and being flipped around in 500 directions on a ride called the Twin Flip helped quite a bit. Even walking around all day didn't bother my back.

I definitely know I am nowhere near 100%. I'm going to do this at a snails pace for now until I feel ready to progress faster. I am also not going to attempt squats until deads are progressing along with zero pain. I'm not going to press my luck. Also, no rowing. I'm just going to start doing light deads and shrugs for now.

Speaking of light deads, I have some big news. I am going to go strapless. This is a huge thing for me. As most of you know, I suffer from a condition called Benign Tremors. My hands shake like a leaf in the wind. It is a disorder of the CNS caused by a defect in a small gland in the middle of the brain. The only cure is brain surgery with only a 50% success rate and a high risk of death, obviously. It was getting worse of late. It left me unable to sign my name. Amazingly, my brother in law also has the disorder. He is also getting worse. His father has it as well. He can barely feed himself.

This disorder adversely affects my grip as well. I never know how bad my tremors will be, and thus made the decision to use straps. Using straps is OK when doing so due to a medical condition, but it has always bugged me a bit, especially when I see that the use of them, especially on deads, is sometimes ridiculed.

The reason I am able to try this now is because I am on a medication now called Inderol. It decreases the severity of the tremors. A good side effect of the med is that it reduces blood pressure, of which I was recently suffering from. A bad side effect of it is that it slows the system down, so much so, that during my cardio the other day, my H.R. was only at 121 despite sprinting at full speed for 10 mins. My resting H.R. is now at 41 BPM. The med brings my metabolism down to a slow crawl as well, which is going to make this cut a huge challenge. I reckon you can label me a Hardloser.

This whole idea is centered around my desire to turn a negative into a positive. As KD would say, if life delivers you a lemon, make lemonade. To be able to deadlift 500 will be a dream come true for me. To do it without straps will make it that much more sweet. I can't lose the gloves tho, as I don't want calluses and Mrs Squatter would freak out if I used chalk in the JimGym, as it doubles as the laundry room.

So, without further ado, here is my "first" deadlift session. The iron got kissed today, as I am soooooo grateful to be able to do the lift i love once again. I have never been so happy to deadlift 185 lbs. I will never, ever, take any lifting for granted.

Sumo Deadlift
135 X6
135 X6
185 X8
185 X8 See Vid

BW x6

Standing Cable Crunch
20 X15
20 X15
20 X15

GHR Sit Ups
20 X12
20 X12
20 X12

Level 2
4.5 Miles
40 Mins.

Absolutely no beastly backs were harmed during the filming of this session
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