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Originally Posted by jesseisrael View Post
Great pressing; it might be time to work toward Military Press as you as pretty damn strong now.
Thanks Jesse!! I had originally planned on doing PP until I hit 2 PPS. Just to confirm, do you think I should switch to MP and then also do BHTNP or do PP and MP? Or maybe just MP?

Originally Posted by Aurik View Post
Damn, Jim, you're rapidly closing in on that 2PPS push press. Who woulda thunk!
Ya, I wonder what the Vegas odds were last year?

Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Making those push presses look easy Jim. Bear strength.
Thanks Steve I do live in Bear Country!! I'm working my way up to Grizzly!

Originally Posted by BigJosh View Post
You are well on your way. I think it is an attainable goal.

On another note, originally I accidentally posted an "unattainable" goal. So if anyone saw it, that's not what I meant to say.
Thanks Big J I know my 1 RM now is probably about 205, maybe 210. I should be able to progress 15-20 lbs in 5 months.

Originally Posted by Carl1174 View Post
Super strong pressing Jim, you just do not have a weak point mate, strong in the bench and OH, very strong in the squat and Deadlift, plus you are as fit as a fiddle... awesome work buddy

Thanks Carl I may not have a weak area anymore, but I feel my weakest lift is still the pull-up, so I am working hard on them. I do get DOMS everytime I do them, so I am reaching the target muscle. I want to start doing them 2X per week - the more the merrier.

As always mate, your motivating words just make me wanna go SHFW. What the hell would I do without all you guys???? I have no idea how I lifted all these years before I knew you guys.

Originally Posted by CLEEPER View Post
I think Jim has more Heart then anyone I know. Thats what keeps him pushing so hard.
Thanks Cleep - your making me cry again.

Originally Posted by *MC* View Post
180 sure went up easy, JimBro. Crazy smooth!
Thanks Nard. Always a treat when a lift looks easy but wasn't.
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