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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
I forgot...have you competed in BB previously?
i did my first and only show so far in april
Originally Posted by glwanabe View Post
Dude you've been working and it shows, nicely done.
Originally Posted by Grim83 View Post
Take this how you want, since my legs are a genetic gift, but my hams didn't really start getting that hand with the line running down them until i started incorporating romanian DL's, and lunges seemed to help to
i do those. ive been getting away from RDLs as they werent doing much for me, and i find good mornings to be working better. my range of motion is way too short on them b/c my hamstrings are very inflexible and my discs are fucked up and it aggravates them. ive done 315 for 15 before easily and my hamstrings were less sore than 225 for 6 on GMs
Originally Posted by rippednmichigan View Post
You look great, especially for off season. Keep pushing Eric!
thanks im trying
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