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Originally Posted by CLEEPER View Post
My Dead lift is not really on par and I would like to get my back stronger to be able to lock out at the top better on dead lifts with out rounding my back. Is this a good way to do that or just keep dead lifting and looking for progression to let it build all together?
I did rack pulls for a while from just above the knee, they didn't really help my deadlift very much other than to prime my CNS for heavier weights over time. More recently I have done some block pulls to work on specific weaknesses I had with the bar wheeling to the right at around knee height and at lockout but I didn't see much carryover from those either. I like the idea of starting by pulling a bar from high and then working it down but again although this may help you to improve your technique with regard to your back rounding, it may not help your full deadlift depending on where your sticking point is. If, for example, you struggle just off the floor, you may find you can pull a weight from every pin except the floor...

Reading that back it sounds like I don't rate or recommend rack pulls but that's not the case. I just haven't worked out how to make them work for me. In my opinion once your max gets up around 180-200kg's, pulling from the floor taxes your recovery too much so rack pulls are a great way to pull without completely destroying the posterior chain. I'd also add in here that I am NOT a fan of high rep' deadlifts. It's such a long ROM that even the best form tends to break down and it's too tempting to go touch and go which, if you're a powerlifter like me, is not really beneficial.

My next experiment with rack pulls will begin this week. On weeks where I heavy squat on max effort lower, I plan to work up to a heavy double or triple from around knee height to work my lockout.

In summary I would say that rack pulls are great but you need to put some thought into how you use them and to how they might work for you.

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