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Deadlift day today. Best day of the week. Saturday late morning is usually pretty empty at my gym, which is always a plus when doing lifts that don't need spots.

Cleaned the kitchen and bathroom at my house before leaving, actually one of the better warmups I've done.

5 minute brisk walk

305x5 - is there anything on this bar?
325x5 - feels like I'm warming up
345x5 - light weight (PR +10 pounds for number of reps)
225x8x5 +20 pounds from last BBB dead session

Weighted Situps
25#x10 - shoulder wasn't impressed. Stopped before it got worse

Calf Raise

Very pleased with the deadlifts today. I went in being nervous about 345, didn't think I could get 5 reps, but I could have had 8 easy. The bar near the platform was new, dug into my hands nicely, no grip issues like the older, slicker bars.
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