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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
I am a libertarian at heart. I don't want the government limiting every last thing we do. I want more choice, not less.

I think most of us at our core are very much the same way. We don't always understand or agree with the choices of others, but I think most of us want others to have the freedom to choose.

I don't think pot is worse than alcohol, but I don't want to smoke it. I have responsibilities and can't sit around all day listening to Pink Floyd and blowing bongs.

I believe on the danger scale, pot smoking is probably safer than eating Doritos and drinking soda every day. I give both the green light, because life is fracking tough. It's not always a cake walk. But at the end of the day blowing bongs, eating Doritos, or sticking a needle is your ass - well, I would much rather have you doing that then trying to kill me because I don't believe in your god.

It's an issue of degrees for me Abaddon. There are many things I don't personally like or approve of, but as long as a gun isn't being shoved in my face, I do not have the arrogance to believe that I know what is right or wrong for you.

I cherish freedom. I don't want someone telling me what to do, and I don't want someone telling you what to do.

It's respect for freedom of choice.
BTB, you really summed up a lot of my beliefs here. I now know that I have more than a few friends who use AAS. For a long time, they didn't even tell me, because, to some, its like saying, I smoke crack. To me, its like saying, I drink beer or smoke pot. But because of dogma and stigma, I don't expect someone casually using AAS to admit it publicly, anymore than I expect anyone to talk publicly about any other private matter (how they get it on in the bedroom, etc).

The illegality of AAS is a joke to me at its inception. Why? Because our country allows tobacco products to be legally sold when we all know the depth and breadth of the damage it does to people's health.

I don't believe for a minute that AAS are illegal because they are more "dangerous" than other drugs. Closely listen to those TV ads for prescription meds, especially when they run down the possible side effects. Almost all of them say: stoke, heart attack and some even say, death. Really?

I had a great talk with my doctor about AAS and TRT. He basically believes that men should be able to use if they want and doctors should be able to prescribe and monitor more freely. But based on the way the FDA classifies AAS, many doctors shy away. I couldn't agree more. I should be able to tell my doctor I want to try Test just like I can tell him I want to try Cialis. It's my body and he is highly paid to monitor it.

The one question this thread brings to mind is--on natural sites, you can see a discussion of say, shoulders, and someone will post a picture of a pro like Yates (this happened on the other site a few weeks ago). I don't think that makes sense. I think the images posted on natural sites should be of natural people. Or else, the owners of said sites are, themselves, perpetuating unrealistic expectations.
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