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Originally Posted by 5kgLifter View Post
Congrats on the PBs and PBRs Jim!! Great to see you back at it again. With deads, I think if you like the one style just stick with it especially if you're not going for competing where one may get you a few pounds more on the pull than the other style.

Sorry - missed the fact that you're still having back issues, hope it sorts itself soon.
Thanks Babs. I think I'll always be primarily a conventional deadlifter. I do like to pull a few Sumo's off for assistance once in awhile tho. I'm estimatin gmy back will take about 2 months to heal up.

Originally Posted by Rich Knapp View Post
Thnaks Rich - really made my day to see you stopped by my journal - really appreciate it.

Originally Posted by Aurik View Post
Seriously good stuff in here Jim! 170x5x2 is some SERIOUS pressing!
Thanks Ken - I am very proud of where my OHP is now comapred to last year. Ultimate goal is still 2 PPS

Originally Posted by LtL View Post
Nice work big man. Hack squats are OLD SCHOOL. Good to see you doing them.

Thanks Big Al. I have to remember to read thru Arnold's Encyclopedia again for more ideas.

Originally Posted by *MC* View Post
Nice to see you successfully working around the back injury, Jim. Keep pushing!
Thanks Nard - it would not have been possible without the guidance of my brothers here.

Originally Posted by Szelago View Post
Yeah, you don't see true barbell hack done much these days.
Might have to give those a try.

Nice lifting, buddy!
Thanks Tom. I love any lift that starts with lifting the weight off of the floor first. Another example is dead start zercher squats and Pendlays

Originally Posted by jesseisrael View Post
Good work Jim, just remember when doing the Old school Hack to get your backside out of the way quickly when going up.
Thanks Jesse - haha, ya I ran into a few awkward moments like that when practicing them on Monday. So many thanks for the suggestion Mr. Old School!!

Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Great news Squatter. Sometimes the seemingly smallest program change can make a difference. I hope they continue to help.

Did you do them top down, or bottom up?
Thanks Steve. Yes, sometimes the smallest of changes make the biggest difference. I have to admit I was completely shocked when I did the lifts. I thought for sure my back would hurt, but the hacks made it feel better after the general fatigue at the end of the session.

I did them, I guess you would say bottom up (from a dead start off of the floor) Is that what you meant?
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