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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
This is one area I am undereducated about. I have read some, but not enough. Very interested in these "pre-modern" cutting and diet approaches.
Since I started using these extended workouts a few years back now, I have literally scoured the entire internet for useful sources of information regarding how this was done. What is clear is increasing workloads, days, sets, reps and decreasing time between sets and relative intensity was the basic idea. The actual routines vary from person to person but the principles are the same.

From Park: The Tight Tan Slacks of Dezso Ban: Definition - Reg Park

"But modern bodybuilders have discovered that for the utmost in definition . . . the utmost that your physical type will allow you to procude . . . higher sets with moderate reps and MORE TYPES OF EXERCISE are necessary."

From Reeves: Classic Physique Builder: Steve Reeves on Classic Definition and Reducing!

"If there was a contest coming up, I would simply train a little harder. In other words, I would just train a little bit faster and increase the intensity of my workouts by having less rest time in between sets and muscle groups."

From Ross:

"I went into a definition program. In doing this I followed the same exercises, but increased the repetitions to 15 or 20 and shortened my rest breaks between exercises. Here too, such a plan has since always suited me best"

From Grimek: The Tight Tan Slacks of Dezso Ban: Hips, Hips, Away! - John Grimek

High reps can tear down adiposity and prevent this unwanted tissue from forming...
Most bodybuilders think that 5-6 reps are enough. It will be enough to build leg strength if you use heavy poundages, but if you hope to reduce the hips quickly increase your reps to 15-25, then increase the weight and do a set of 12-15 more.

From Scott: The Tight Tan Slacks of Dezso Ban: Training Down - Larry Scott

An intensive training program is needed to burn up the excess stored fat and bring out maximum definition. You must work out fast, with not too much rest between sets. Generally speaking, you will be performing between 50 and 60 sets each workout period. You will have to train six days a week for best results, about two hours each workout session

There is a mass of information within the McCallum classic Keys to Progress and a mass of information of the sites I linked above.

The lifters differ on exactly how much they increase their workload, I imagine this would be down to personal preference and however fast their metabolisms are etc. etc. What is absolutely clear though is that they all strived to increase workload and decrease rest between sets to burn off fat.
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