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Alright, I like this the spotlight is on me.

I got started into lifting in high school for athletic reasons. Growing up I was always a pudgy kid but still very athletic. Working out to me was a way to prove to myself that I would not be fat for the rest of my life. I trained at an athletic training facility my senior year of high school and this really opened my eyes. There I trained with a few Division 1 prospects and found that I was starting to catch up in the strength field.

When I got to college I decided to pretty much stop athletics and focus on lifting, where I made your typical mistakes of training too much and not eating right. In college I began to start searching the internet for guidance. I found some good programs that gave me guidance on getting stronger and bigger. I believe the first structured program I did was Layne Norton's Power Hypertrophy split. This got me a lot stronger. Then on the internet I started to get involved with some of the forums. On another forum I met Steve, Bendthebar and so it began. He planted the seed in my head to look into powerlifting.

I then started to deadlift haha, I feel in love with deads!! I worked on powerlifting from that point on the best I could. I was still learning and just was lifting heavier. That summer almost 3 years ago, I began to read about westside and their methods. I got a set of bands and began the westside template. This got me really strong and into powerlifting, I also started to mess around with Chaos and Pain which was fun. Then about one year ago, I competed in my first powerlifting competition. I broke 4 virginia state records for the IPA in the 220 Raw Junior Class and have been lifting hard since then.

I have also messed around with strong man stuff and I am also now on a Paleo diet where I have lost a lot of fat but am still getting stronger. I have made a lot of mistakes along the way, but they key was just to work hard and give 100% effort to my workouts and here I am still working hard to get stronger.
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