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RogueDynamics is off to a bad start

Day 6 (Took some time off :P)

Workout: Chest and triceps, 3 sets each unless otherwise noted
Dumbbell bench - incline 65lbs, decline 60lbs, flat 65lbs
Weighted Dips - 15, 15, 15
Cable flies - low 17.5lbs, high 35lbs
Pullovers - 45lbs x 2

I had to go really light on the tricep workouts today. I apparently injured my elbow and tricep muscle on my right arm a while ago, and it hasn't been the same since. I'm just doing the minimum to work it out and keep it from hurting.

Things I will use/do next workout: I took some time off after working out hard for 5 weeks. Went on vacation and didn't work out at all during my time there. This has kept me from getting burnt out, so the moral of the story is TAKE TIME OFF TO RECOVER. I also ate a GREAT breakfast of fruit, eggs, oatmeal and low sodium bacon. Startin' it off right!

Things I will not use/do next workout: I have been pushing my triceps on the right side too hard and my time off gave me the chance to evaluate my body and find out what was hurting. I will NOT be making that same mistake again. If it hurts, I'm going to stop.

Extras: I started reading "Fishers of Men" by Rev. Henry Hastings. It's a free publication, and a wonderful theological book. If anyone is interested, I'll link ya.
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